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What are the key benefits to doing an SEO audit?

By requesting a free SEO audit you'll gain insight into the performance of your current website and opportunities to improve.

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What is an SEO audit?

There is more involved in our SEO website analysis process than plugging your page into an SEO audit tool, or going through a quick SEO audit checklist. We take a comprehensive threefold approach with our SEO audit service. First, we do a technical SEO audit which analyzes and finds weak spots that are open for improvements in your websites performance, on-site optimization, and URL structure.

Secondly, we perform a content gap analysis between your website and top competitors. This lets us know how many keywords your website is appearing for in search engines compared to the competition, and if content creation will be recommended.

Last, but not least, we carry out a backlink profile analysis between your site and sites that are currently out-ranking you. This helps us gauge if link building service or business listing management will be included in our recommended SEO strategy, and a ballpark figure of how long it would take for you increase the rankings of keyword search terms are you showing up for.

Why you need an SEO audit

As a business owner you may be asking yourself what the importance of having a website SEO audit completed, instead of jumping directly into SEO services. Having our SEO analysts give your websites online presence a thorough inspection first will allow us to determine which SEO services you’re in need of. All our SEO audits include a roadmap to help you understand where to focus to start generating more leads and convert your website into a marketing weapon.

Learn from industry experts

Our SEO audits are created by industry experts who've created winning strategies for hundreds of our customers.

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